Recycling factory in Tiel obtains ISO 14001 certification

Recycling factory in Tiel obtains ISO 14001 certification

Following a detailed audit by Lloyd’s Register, the Post Shredder Technology factory operated by ARN Recycling in Tiel received its ISO 14001 certification, last month. This worldwide standard for environmental policy demonstrates that ARN Recycling itself operates a sound, thorough and proactive environmental policy.

The internationally-approved ISO 14001 certificate was presented to the PST factory in Tiel on 19 February marking the end of a process, the first serious steps of which were taken at the start of last year. “We completed the certification process relatively quickly. This is in part thanks to the fact that our management system – including those elements relating to the securing of compliance with regulations from the environmental permits – was established with a solid knowledge base, when the factory was first opened. That meant we already complied with the majority of requirements for ISO 4001, although a number of further steps clearly had to be taken,” explained Marcel van der Veer, Quality and Environment Manager at ARN Recycling. “In addition, sound policy and strong support within the entire organisation are essential if such a process is to be completed rapidly. Everyone – from management through to staff on the shop floor – was aware of the nature of our environmental policy, and the importance of this certification.”

Certificate delivers confidence

For Marcel van der Veer, the ISO 14001 standard certificate above all represents confidence. “ARN is a role model when it comes to environmental policy and compliance with environmental legislation and regulations. For ourselves and for all our internal and external stakeholders, this certificate delivers the confidence that in those respects, too, our processes are on the ball. Because an external audit is carried out every seven months, we will be able to keep our processes in good order. In the new ISO 14001 standard to be published in 2015, for example, chain management plays an important role. For us at ARN Recycling, that means we will also have to chart out the environmental policy of our chain partners. We must also have confidence in the fact that they too operate a sound and responsible environmental policy, and ISO 14001 certification is a good indicator. In that area, ARN Recycling is even now ready for this new standard.”

About ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a world recognised standard for the establishment and certification of environmental management systems. The key operating principles are:

  • Sound policy with up-to-date objectives and programmes
  • Compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Control of environmental risks
  • Striving for permanent improvement of environmental performance by the organisation.


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