PST plant serves complete automotive shredder market

PST plant serves complete automotive shredder market

All shredders processing Dutch end-of-life vehicles are now supplying materials to the PST plant. The list includes all Dutch and a number of foreign shredders. As a consequence, ARN has achieved its target: not only are more than 95% of the end-of-life vehicles now recycled or usefully reused, the waste from the ARN end-of-life vehicles is also processed at the PST plant.

Increased capacity

“Our capacity growth in the final quarter of 2013 has enabled us to handle all that shredder waste”, explained director Hans van de Greef. “We are now capable of processing 40,000 tonnes of material every year, including both the light and heavy fractions. Even though we have already passed the 95% level for the recycling of end-of-life vehicles, we of course intend to continue!”

Life plus

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