LIFE+ subsidy contributes to recycling performance

LIFE+ subsidy contributes to recycling performance

On 20 July last it was announced that ARN Recycling had been granted the Life+ subsidy of the European Commission of around EUR 1 million. LIFE+ is the European subsidy programme for the development and implementation of the European nature and environment policy. The PST project fits well within the general purpose of the subsidy, since it strives to implement the 95% recycling target in the European ELV Directive. For the rest of Europe, the PST plant can serve as a demonstration project.

The subsidy application was supported by ARN Advisory lawyer, Angelina Molenaar. ARN Recycling and ARN Advisory will also work closely together in implementing the project. Molenaar: “We are convinced that we are steering in the right direction to solve the ELV issue. The support from the European Commission reaffirms that we are on the correct course.”

The main objective of the PST project is to achieve a recycling percentage of 95% before 2015, so that in the future the Dutch state can meet its obligations under the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive of the European Commission (2000/53/EC). To achieve this, a modern separation installation has been constructed in Tiel. This factory, which is based on the Volkswagen-SiCon concept and plastics separation techniques from Galloo Plastics, will be further optimised in the coming years with a view to achieving the set objective. Besides being financially solid, the operation must also meet exacting technical and product-specific requirements – because the separated materials must be suitable for re-use in the manufacture of new products and must therefore meet stringent quality requirements. The team will cultivate several parallel markets for the various separate materials. The aim is to find robust markets offering the highest possible added value; re-use of materials is thus given preference over combustion. It is hoped that this project will ultimately contribute towards Europe-wide compliance with the set car recycling requirements.

The subsidy has been awarded to optimise the PST process and share the experience gained with the rest of Europe.

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