Leakage flows, part 3: Stopping leakage flows together with other parties

Leakage flows, part 3: Stopping leakage flows together with other parties

What is ARN doing together with other firms to prevent leakage flows? Besides private disassembly and export registrations, end-of-life vehicles also disappear in the chain.

Clamping down on disassembly malpractices

Apart from dismantling by recognised companies, vehicles can also be dismantled privately in the Netherlands. This should really be an exception, for instance to make 1 good car from the parts of 2 written-off cars. An ARN investigation shows, however, that the number of privately dismantled vehicles is rising disproportionately. These vehicles escape every form of official registration and control. ARN Auto Recycling and the Stiba have therefore submitted a proposal to the RDW Roads Authority to raise the minimum age for private disassembly from 15 to 25. In addition, ARN Auto Recycling thinks that imposing a maximum on the number of dismantled vehicles that each individual or firm is allowed to register would also be an excellent solution for clamping down on large-scale malpractices.

End-of-life vehicles disappear at intermediaries

Sometimes end-of-life vehicles that are removed from ARN companies via intermediaries never reach ARN-recognised shredders. The provinces where this happens are currently investigating the matter. We have no information about the possible sanctions and further enforcement actions. Together with various sector parties, ARN is exploring the opportunities for bringing intermediaries more within the chain to ensure that the end-of-life vehicles reach the shredder.   Tackling illegal disassembly ARN Auto Recycling receives tips about illegal practices in the sector from various sources, including car dismantling companies. Any confirmed suspicions of wrongdoing are reported to the Environment Inspectorate’s Disclosure Office (VIM) which passes on the information to the competent authority. Thanks to these tips, various firms engaging in illegal end-of-life vehicle dismantling have already been tracked down and taken to justice.

Cooperation with enforcement authorities

ARN Auto Recycling has a good working relationship with the enforcement authorities in the car dismantling sector. The sector team has developed a tool which enables enforcers to make a mass balance at the car dismantling firm. The sector team has set itself the target of carrying out this mass balance at at least half of the car dismantling companies. Once this balance has been performed, its accuracy can be quickly determined. If the balance is not accurate, the discrepancies are discussed with the owner to find the explanation.


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