Leakage flows, part 2: How ARN is trying to reduce leakage flows

Leakage flows, part 2: How ARN is trying to reduce leakage flows

Starting from 1 January 2011 ARN Auto recycling has raised the bonus for the correct removal of end-of-life vehicles to the shredder to €10 per end-of-life vehicle. This bonus is only paid if it can be demonstrated that the end-of-life vehicle reached the shredder and if the accompanying transportation form states the correct Eural Code (16.01.06). Other Eural codes are not eligible for the bonus.

Unfortunately, this is not a watertight system for preventing leakage flows. All car dismantling businesses now use the correct Eural Code, but not the correct waste flow number. If a waste flow number is used that belongs to a different Eural Code, then registration at the National Waste Registration Unit takes place under the wrong Eural Code. ARN has not yet found a solution for preventing mismatches between the waste flow numbers and the Eural Code.

New project to reduce leakage flows

Reducing leakage flows remains high on the agenda of ARN Auto Recycling and is an issue that receives our continuous attention. This problem is now being tackled with a project-based approach:

  • The materials quantity check. ARN makes its own calculation of the amount of ARN materials at each individual company. If the end-of-life vehicle performance is sub-standard and no explanation can be found with the field worker, then more rigorous inspection is required and an action plan must be drawn up to indicate how the performance should be improved.
  • More fact-finding among intermediaries. This is done to obtain more information on the route taken by end-of-life vehicles. ARN Auto Recycling is going to enter into talks with several major intermediaries in order to raise the issue of leakage flows and look for possible solutions together.


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