Stack of scrap

Stack of scrap

Approximately 460,000 cars disappear from the Netherlands every year. No, they’re not stolen. Half of them are sold abroad and the other half end up in the car shredder. In Tiel there is a plant for this that you will find nowhere else in the world. A fine example of Dutch ingenuity and professionalism.

In the processing plant, Arie de Jong takes a handful of golden granules from a plastic tray and affectionately runs them through his fingers. “This is what’s left of the copper from car wiring and seat heaters and things like that. We can even fish that out and it’s still worth a lot. We get from 4,000 to 5,000 euros for 1,000 kilos of pure copper granules. We sell them to a copper smelter in Belgium. Not bad, is it?” De Jong is the managing director of ARN, formerly known as Auto Recycling Nederland. This is the centre of excellence for recycling cars, or to use a posh term, the mobility sector. It was founded by the automotive sector – the RAI Association, Bovag, Focwa and Stiba – in 1995. Part of ARN is the Post-Shredder Technology (PST) plant in Tiel.


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