Free app for waste separation

Free app for waste separation

Separating waste has been made easier than ever using the ‘Recycle Manager’. The Recycle Manager is a free app and website that helps you identify the waste container in which specific types of waste belong, the location of the nearest waste container, and when the waste is collected. The Recycle Manager is a unique example of cooperation between municipal authorities and fourteen organisations responsible for the collection and processing of waste. The Recycle Manager can be downloaded free from the Apple Appstore and the Google Playstore.

No smartphone? Then surf to www.recyclemanager.nl for more information.

One-stop shopping

For the first time, all practical information about waste is available in one place. Via the ‘Recycle guide’ in the app, you can use keyword searches to identify the correct waste container for products you are not sure about. Under ‘Collection points’, you can find all the local collection points for waste.

More and better

The participating organisations hope that the app will increase the volume of waste collected, and improve the quality of waste separation. Dutch people already separate half of the 533 kg of waste that every Dutch man, woman and child produces each year. The other half ends up in the residual waste and is eventually disposed of via incineration furnaces. Better waste separation means that more can be recycled thereby retaining valuable raw materials, preventing harmful substances entering the environment and saving energy.

Additional local information

At present, 20 municipalities are participating in the Recycle Manager. If your municipality is one of those 20, you can also use the ‘Waste Calendar’. The Waste Calendar in the Recycle Manager lists the next collection moment in your street, and enables you to print out collection dates for the whole year. You can use the app to set a reminder to put your bin out.

*) the following organisations are contributors to the app:

About the Dutch Producer Responsibility Organisation

The Dutch Producer Responsibility Organisation has set itself the following goals:

  • to promote the interests of members and the manufacturers and/or importers associated with the members, in as much as relevant to sound implementation of the manufacturers’ responsibility.
  • as far as possible optimising and standardising the collection and recycling systems (in the broadest sense of the word) of the members of the association and the manufacturers and/or importers associated with the members.

More information: www.producenten-verantwoordelijkheid.nl.

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