First test phase approaches for PST plant Tiel

First test phase approaches for PST plant Tiel

In December 2010, work started on installing a system for separating the synthetics stream at the PST factory in Tiel. The goal of this system is to improve the quality of the synthetics fraction by separating metal and other parts from the plastics and to reduce the plastics further. Thanks in part to a unique drive/sink technique, ultimately three fractions remain.

Final fractions

  • The light fraction finds its way to a firm which separates it out by plastic type before it is sustainably reused, for example in the automotive industry.
  • The middle fraction goes into the incinerators (blast furnaces).
  • The heavy fraction goes to a company that separates the plastic (mainly PVC) from the residual metal (small copper wires, etc.).

Progress of installation work

In early February 2011, the first test phase of the system will start. In week 8, a steel structure will be built around the system, which will house the suction tubes and cable conduits for the electrical wiring.
For more information about the progress of the construction work, visit arn1.wpengine.com/ARN-Recycling

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