Sustainable composite panels

Sustainable composite panels

During the innovation relay event (Innovatie Estafette) held on 4 October in Rotterdam, ARN and Holland Composites Innovations (HCI) presented the Crusca composite panel material developed jointly by the two organisations. In the words of Reyer Velema of ARN Advisory, “There has long been demand for a solid and sustainable panel material, hence visitors to the trade event responded enthusiastically to his new invention.”

Crusca received a warm welcome from a large number of trade fair visitors. “It is a highly inventive solution for the reuse of waste flows for which in the past there was no solution available”, continued Velema. “At the trade fair we came into contact with numerous interested parties, all of whom praised the qualities of Crusca. They all said there is a need for sustainable panel material that is both solid and water resistant.”

Numerous possible applications

Crusca is produced entirely from residual materials from the recycling of cars and materials from the powder coating industry. Fibres from shredder waste from end-of-life vehicles are mixed together with waste from the powder-coating industry and compressed to form panels, under high pressure and temperature conditions. Velema commented, “They are so solid that they can be used in noise abatement screens alongside motorways or as railway sleepers. There are of course innumerable other possible applications for Crusca.”

Half a car

The theme for the innovation relay event was based on the film Dogville. “This film deals with a village where there are no walls, as a consequence of which all the residents can see exactly what everyone else is doing. This was also the idea at the trade fair event: no walls but instead an entirely open trade fair floor that literally allowed you to look beyond boundaries.” To tie in with this theme, ARN featured half a car on their booth. “This made it possible for us to display to visitors the materials that we use for the composite panels, which would have been invisible in a complete car. For example the fibres integrated in the roof of a car. As a consequence, our booth proved a real eye-catcher.”

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