Dubai police receive training from ARN

Dubai police receive training from ARN

Six members of the Dubai Police Force recently followed training at ARN in the safe handling of hybrid and electric cars damaged in road traffic accidents. ARN developed this programme in collaboration with the Falck Risc training institute, as part of an extensive programme of training for the emergency services.


Dubai is the capital city of the Emirate of Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates. Here, too, more and more hybrid and electric vehicles are to be found on the roads. In response, the Dubai Police Force decided to attend a training programme at ARN, the aim of which is to make their officers aware of the potential risks when a hybrid or electric car becomes involved in a road traffic accident.

Training in Tiel

ARN welcomed the delegation from the UAE at their training location in Tiel. Rob van der Linden, project manager at ARN explained, “On behalf of Falck Risc, we developed a training programme, to teach emergency services to deal safely with damaged hybrids and electric vehicles. Six police officers from Dubai attended our training course in Tiel, as part of a more extensive programme of training organised at Falck Risc’s own locations.”

New knowledge

According to Van Der Linden, it is vital for the course participants from Dubai to share the knowledge they have now acquired with the other emergency services at home, such as the fire brigade and ambulance personnel. “As a rule, the police are first to arrive at the scene of an accident, and as such have to provide assistance. In that sense it is logical for the Dubai Police Force to have sent a number of officers to follow our training course. The Dubai Police Force itself also operate a number of hybrids and electric vehicles in its fleet, including a BMW i8 and a hybrid Porsche Panamera and the Toyota Prius. During the training course, we were able to clarify a number of issues, for example in respect of the risks involved if an electric vehicle enters the water. In such situations, there is no increased risk for fire brigade rescue divers. The day proved educational for all parties.”

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