Doing business sustainably | ARN

Doing business sustainably | ARN

The Certified Sustainable programme has shown itself to be an excellent tool for pursuing and raising awareness of CSR and sustainability in the automotive industry.

Supported by the whole industry (BOVAG, the RAI Association and the FOCWA Damage Repair Association), the Certified Sustainable programme enables companies to profile themselves. It can also be used as a marketing tool and helps businesses save money and control costs. Large customers such as fleet owners, insurance and leasing companies, and public authorities are increasingly making sustainability and CSR a requirement in their purchasing terms and conditions, and sustainability is a general precondition in B2B. Since the first Certified Sustainable certificate was awarded in 2009, doing business sustainably has really taken off in the automotive industry. Besides the fact that more than 900 certificates have now been awarded, various brand organisations have also embraced the Certified Sustainable programme. In the meantime, Certified Sustainable has developed so far that it is available for a wide range of companies. It also fits in well with other certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


The programme is available for the following types of businesses:

  • Car dealers
  • Independent car sales companies
  • Truck dealers
  • Truck and trailer sales companies
  • Car wash companies
  • Servicing workshops
  • Car repair workshops


A new Certified Sustainable website was launched this week. The website describes the Certified Sustainable programme much more clearly than before. The information on Certified Sustainable on this website has been adapted and targeted towards different user groups. There is a section for testimonials (link to report 3 of the ED newsletter) and FAQs, and news about the programme is now in a more prominent and more user-friendly place. There is also a monthly newsletter.


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