Dismantling course for hybrids and EVs to start in February

Dismantling course for hybrids and EVs to start in February

To further promote safety during the dismantling of hybrid and electrical vehicles, starting next year, ARN will be organising a training programme for dismantling companies. The programme will be launched in February, and will offer places for up to 200 participants during the course of 2013. Sign up starting from early January.

With the steady rise in numbers of hybrid and electrical vehicles, the mobility sector is on the eve of a new era. The clear expectation is that over the next few years, the number of end-of-life vehicles with some form of electrical drive system will continue to grow. Since last year, this situation has been reflected in a cautious rise in the number of electrical vehicles and hybrids handed in for dismantling. For ARN, this development is reason enough to develop a specific training programme. The programme is now ready for introduction and the first courses will start in February 2013.

E-learning and practice

“The training programme consists of an e-learning module in preparation for the practice day, to be held at our research centre in Tiel. The practice day itself starts with a theory component, after which the participants will be expected to remove the battery from an electrical or hybrid vehicle, in line with the correct procedures. Finally, there will be a test during which the participants will be able to demonstrate their command of the subject matter,” explained Rob van der Linden, chain manager at ARN. “We have space for 200 course participants, who after signing up will be split into groups of eight.”

New technology

The aim is that after completing the training programme, the course participants will be able to safely remove a battery from a vehicle with an electrical or hybrid driveline. Rob van der Linden did however add a critical note. “In the industry we know exactly how to deal with a full petrol tank, but this will be our first experience of removing large battery packs. The training will of course include an explanation of how an electrical or hybrid vehicle is assembled, and how it can be correctly and safely dismantled. In practice, however, there will undoubtedly be situations in which vehicles of this type are so badly damaged that it is difficult to decide exactly how they can be safely dismantled. In those cases the dismantling company should contact us. At that point, in consultation with the dismantlers, we will look into the best approach. Wherever necessary, we can contact the importer for further advice.”

Signing up

The affiliated dismantling companies will be receiving a mail shot during the course of January with information about the training programme and how to sign up.


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