De Rooy Certified Sustainable Premium

De Rooy Certified Sustainable Premium

Yesterday saw De Rooy Autobedrijf and Transport become the first BOVAG independent car sales company to be awarded the Premium label. The certificate was presented to De Rooy by Alderman Michiel van Liere from Houten and BOVAG Independent Car Sales Companies Association chairman Theo Fledderus at a very special location: in the middle of a cherry tree orchard.

For De Rooy, the awarding of the certificate means inclusion in the NEN ISO 26000 Publication Platform, thereby giving the company access to a whole raft of business customers who impose strict requirements in terms of sustainability and CSR. The certificate is proof that De Rooy fully implements the international ISO 26000 guideline in its business operations. On the basis of a so-called “self-statement”, De Rooy is now permitted to present itself on the new NPR 9026 Publication Platform operated by the Dutch standardisation institute NEN, a platform from which business customers can select suppliers, for example to submit tender applications.

De Rooy has already initiated and completed a large number of sustainability projects. For example, a “green gas” filling station recently opened there. “Being the first independent car sales company to be awarded the Premium label really is the cherry on the cake for us. As a company we have been pursuing an active sustainability and CSR policy for many years, and this award is an additional incentive to keep on working in this way,” says owner Peter de Rooy. To celebrate this “cherry on the cake”, all customers who call in to De Rooy over the next month will receive a punnet of cherries. “BOVAG is proud of companies that play an active part in social developments,” says BOVAG chairman Theo Fledderus. “Sustainable thinking and action is a clear example of this. Members like these will help move BOVAG and the entire sector forwards.”

Certified Sustainable Premium

Certified Sustainable is the sustainability programme organised by BOVAG, FOCWA, RAI and STIBA and implemented by the Institute for Sustainable Mobility (IvDM) and ARN. To obtain the Certified Sustainable certificate, businesses in the mobility sector must successfully undergo a sustainable business scan, followed by an independent audit. The scan looks at a number of aspects of business operations for sustainability, including human resources, management, finance, procurement, sales and communication. The certificate is valid for one year. Read more about Certified Sustainable on the website.

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