D-Day 2012: priorities for 2012

D-Day 2012: priorities for 2012

Working together to fight unfair competition, reward quality and ensure that more cars find their way to ARN companies: these are among ARN’s priorities for 2012 which were extensively highlighted during D-Day 2011 on 7 November in the Efteling entertainment park.

D-Day is the day on which ARN gets together with the car dismantlers to evaluate the past year and look forwards to the next. Managing Director Arie de Jong and Auto Recycling Manager Aarnout van Duuren homed in on the most important developments during their presentations.

Discontinuation of glass and large plastic parts

The topics discussed included the successful regional meetings, which will be continued in 2012. In addition photos were shown of the new PST plant where shredder waste can be separated further. Certain parts no longer need to be disassembled by the car dismantlers; this is now done at the plant in Tiel. In 2011 this concerned PUR foam, cocoa hair, belts and rubber strips. In 2012 the disassembly of glass and larger plastic parts such as bumpers, hub caps and grilles will also be stopped. ARN will let them know as soon as agreement has been reached about this with the enforcement agencies.

Tackling unfair competition

Unfair competition was also an important topic. In the first half of 2011, ARN received 31 tip-offs. ARN passes these on to an enforcement team, with a request for feedback. Because this increases the chances of genuinely tackling specific cases. Meanwhile, two large investigations have been started into cases of unfair competition.

From Yellow Pages to Google

Another issue concerned our decision to stop advertising in the Yellow Pages. “Almost nobody looks in the Yellow Pages anymore,” says Aarnout van Duuren. “That’s why we have started a Google Adwords campaign, which takes people to an ARN page with references to car dismantlers. There are already one hundred firms with their own page.” Van Duuren called upon all companies who are not yet listed to send in their details. “We will then make a page for these companies. Because we want more end-of-life vehicles to find their way to ARN-affiliated car dismantlers.”

Focus on quality

De Jong and Van Duuren also announced that ARN scored a 7 in the recent satisfaction survey. And that ARN is going to give quality a further impulse by refunding 100% of the costs for certification according to the Disassembly Quality Care system.

Coming up soon: a full report on D-Day 2011 with a detailed account of the developments in 2011 and the priorities for 2012.

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