Cross-border cooperation in the field of car recycling

Cross-border cooperation in the field of car recycling

The reuse of raw materials occupies a central position in the transition to a circular economy, both in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. ARN is a frontrunner in processing the residual materials from end-of-life vehicles.

The aim of the European project S(ustainable)_LIFE, in which ARN is a driving force, is to arrive at further European cooperation in the field of recycling. According to Gert-Jan van der Have, project manager at ARN Advisory, when it comes to increasing the recycling performance and the possible applications for material reuse, there are whole worlds still to be won on a European scale. To achieve a more efficient cycle of raw materials and components during the lifecycle of cars, of which recycling forms a substantial part, ARN is collaborating with six European cluster organisations in the S-LIFE project, with a view to sharing knowledge and organising joint study programmes. “Since there was no recycling expertise among the participants in the project subsidised by the European Commission, and in which car manufacturers (OEMs) and parts suppliers have an advisory role, ARN took up the role of recycling expert.” “One objective,” he explained in the GO!Mobility magazine, “was to develop a joint action plan. Under our leadership, that plan was drawn up in 2013 and subsequently translated into concrete action points, for which ARN has taken responsibility.”

Awareness campaign

Summarised briefly, the outcome is that ARN is investigating the extent to which it is possible on a European level to develop products using materials retrieved from automotive shredder waste. Van der Have continued, “We are of course also examining at the same time whether European cooperation between the various PST facilities is possible, including the exchange of expertise available within the individual Member States in the field of recycling. ARN is also involved in the development and implementation of a European teaching programme for the dismantling of current and future cars, aimed at both the dismantling sector and existing automotive study programmes. The last action point for which ARN has taken responsibility relates to the establishment of an awareness campaign on resource efficiency and recycling, aimed specifically at the user phase of cars. With that statement, Van der Have was referring to maintenance and retail businesses. “Although they have a huge impact on material and energy consumption, they are often relatively unaware of the role they play.”

Concrete recycling project

The S_LIFE project has already resulted in concrete opportunities for cooperation in the field of both recycling technology and chain management. Van der Have referred to one specific example, namely the project proposal developed in collaboration with a large French shredder and a number of leading European concrete manufacturers to further investigate the direct application of Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR) in lightweight concrete. “If the project is implemented, it will represent a further major step forwards in achieving a more sustainable raw material cycle in the automotive sector.”
For more information about S_LIFE, visit: www.s-life-project.eu.

Source: GO Mobility, RAI Association

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