BOVAG and ARN join forces

BOVAG and ARN join forces

In addition to the scan for the Approved Sustainability certificate from BOVAG and the ARN Environmental Scan from ARN Recycling Services, there is now an integrated scan available: Approved Sustainability Plus. The collaboration between ARN and BOVAG now makes it possible for garages and car dealerships to make a choice from three scans, each with their own character and their own price label.

Approved Sustainability

Plus The Approved Sustainability Plus scan combines all aspects of sustainable business practice, making it the most complete scan available in the field of CSR for garages and car dealerships. It offers businesses huge savings in terms of time, money, ease and environmental protection, by bringing together all the available expertise.   Thanks to the cooperation between BOVAG and ARN, the range of sustainability scans for the mobility sector is now complete. In addition to the combined scan, the individual Sustainable Business Practice Scan and the ARN Environmental Scan continue to be available. The three certificates are valid for one year.

Assessments carried out by ARN

ARN carries out the assessment at businesses, for all three certificates. “In its role as independent expert, ARN is the ideal party to carry out this task”, explained Frans Kragten, Senior Policy Officer Sustainability at BOVAG Car Dealers. “ARN’s knowledge in the field of sustainability is extremely valuable.”

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