ARN with follow-up to SAVER training

ARN with follow-up to SAVER training

Following on from a training programme earlier this year, at the start of October, ARN once again took responsibility for a session during the five-day SAVER training for fire brigade and ambulance personnel. ARN developed this component of the training programme on behalf of the Falck Risc training institute, with the aim of providing emergency services professionals with information about the possible risks of hybrid and electrical cars damaged during an accident.

Systematic Approach to Vital Emergency Response

At the start of October, a group of 16 firefighters and ambulance personnel followed a training programme at the Falck Risc training centre in Dordrecht, to learn how to safely deal with damaged electrical vehicles and hybrids. A first group of professional emergency response workers followed a similar training programme in April of this year. ARN developed this new training component at the request of the Falck Risc training institute, in response to the growing number of hybrid and electrical vehicles on the Dutch roads. The teaching material is now part of the existing SAVER – Systematic Approach to Vital Emergency Response – Training for emergency services.

Different questions

“It is extremely important that firefighters and other professional emergency response staff be kept up to date with the risks that may arise when a hybrid or electrical car becomes involved in an accident. That is why this subject was added to the Falck training programme,” explained Marlies Meijer-Willems, consultant at ARN. “It is interesting to observe during this training course that firefighters ask very different questions on the subject than for example ambulance staff. Ambulance personnel tend to have less knowledge of automotive technology, a logical difference given that at the scene of accidents, the different emergency services all have their own tasks and responsibilities. We at ARN are proud of the fact that we are able to draw attention to this aspect within this important group of professionals, based on our own expertise.”

Excellent cooperation

As a training institute, Falck Risc offers training programmes and courses as well as consultancy services aimed at preventing and tackling disasters in the industrial and public sector. The company also offers training programmes for emergency services that teach course participants how to release trapped victims, via a clear step-by-step plan. The so-called SAVER method is considered the standard approach for multidisciplinary emergency responses, in many countries. “This five-day training programme is suitable for ambulance personnel and firefighters, as well as for representatives of the police force and the defence organisation,” explained Monique Vlek, Customer Services officer. “We have recently observed considerable uncertainty amongst firefighters and ambulance staff about the risks of electrical and hybrid cars. That is why we asked ARN to develop a course module dealing with these subjects. The cooperation is excellent. The training component naturally deals with the risk to the victim, but also takes into account the role of the emergency services professional who first and foremost must be able to carry out his work safely. In this training programme, we teach instructors, fire officers and ambulance staff so that they can pass on the knowledge acquired within their own organisation.”

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