ARN to display battery box during Automotive Week

ARN to display battery box during Automotive Week

During the Automotive Week 2017 at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, ARN will be presenting the battery box. This new method of safely transporting end-of-life batteries from electric cars that represent a transport risk, will be on show both on the public open day on Sunday 26 March and during the event opening day on Monday 27 March.

More than 112,000 electric cars are currently in use in the Netherlands. Lithium-ion batteries from electric and hybrid cars will in the future have to be dismantled and transported to a recycler. For safety reasons, the dismantled batteries will have to be transported carefully. For the majority of batteries this represents no problem whatsoever. However, there are also unstable batteries that are classified as unsafe for transport. These are batteries that represent a transport risk, for example due to a defect.

For this transport flow, ARN can supply three unique battery boxes. These packaging systems, produced from stainless steel, consist of an outer case and a non-permeable inner packaging layer. The kevlar sheath will neutralise any explosions, while in the event of fire, an internal extinguisher system absorbs oxygen and reduces the temperature to a normal level. With this innovation, ARN has introduced a solution for the movement of batteries otherwise unsafe for transport.

Automotive Week 2017

The third edition of the Automotive Week 2017 will be held between Sunday 26 March and Friday 31 March at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. During the course of the week, various organisations will be sharing their visions on how future mobility can be organised and how far-reaching innovation in the field of mobility can be facilitated in the Netherlands. The theme for this year’s Automotive Week is: Where Smart Mobility meets Traffic. For information about the programme and demonstrations and workshops, surf to www.automotiveweek.nl.

Automotive Campus Helmond

The Automotive Campus in Helmond is a focal point within the regional and national (Dutch) automotive cluster. With a view to expanding its network and working to promote knowledge exchange, ARN is a permanent resident on the campus. ARN, the recycling expert in the Dutch mobility sector, together with more than 300 partner organisations, is responsible for the environmentally safe collection and processing of end-of-life cars. Based on manufacturers’ responsibility, automotive manufacturers and importers are required to take back batteries at the end of their useful life. In collaboration with Stibat (Stichting Batterijen), transport operators and recyclers, ARN provides collection, logistic and processing services for end-of-life batteries.

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