ARN takes part in knowledge-exchange consortium

The European subsidy scheme Horizon 2020 is supporting the New_Innonet network project. New_Innonet is an international consortium of expertise centres in the field of waste and technology. The aim of the project is to organise and facilitate knowledge-exchange and collaboration in the car, electronics and packaging waste chains.

The core concept behind the European Union’s future economic policy is ‘sustainable growth’. Raw materials and other natural materials must be handled in a more efficient, more sustainable and environmentally friendlier way. Horizon 2020 is encouraging organisations that are making eco-innovations possible through interdisciplinary, large-scale projects. Bringing together knowledge, insights and practical experience from various sectors is making a major contribution to this.


New_Innonet will start in 2015 with the development of a ‘stakeholder platform’. Up to now, aspects such as regulation, technology and communications have been developing separately. Bringing together all of this knowledge and expertise will lead to synergy benefits and new insights.
Apart from bringing together stakeholders from industry, policy-making and science in the ‘stakeholder platform’, there are a number of other concrete activities. The various waste flows will be analysed and, based on this, European innovation roadmaps will be drawn up for each waste flow. These will be summarised in a ‘zero waste’ strategic research and innovation agenda. Various events will also be taking place during the project.


New_Innonet will have a duration of 30 months; in this period, the project must form a blueprint for a European Technology Platform (ETP) for waste. ETPs are important external consultation tools for the European Commission, for the purpose of establishing research programmes, for example.


The implementing parties are all organisations with expertise in the field of waste from scientific backgrounds, government, industry and sector organisations. The participating organisations are Tecnalia and IHobe (Spain), VITO and EuPC (Belgium), VTT (Finland), SINTEF (Norway), IVL (Sweden), IETU (Poland), Van Gansewinkel and ARN (Netherlands). The project will be led by PNO Consultants, based in Schiphol.

Participating in this project matches the aim of ARN to lend a helping hand to the circular economy through knowledge exchange and collaboration. ARN’s background in mobility has provided it with considerable knowledge and expertise in the areas of legislation, chain management and applied research.

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