ARN regional meetings focus on transition

ARN regional meetings focus on transition

During 6 well-visited regional meetings, ARN informed the affiliated dismantling companies and other interested parties of recent developments in cooperation with ARN. The most important items on the agenda were the transition ‘from kilos to quality’ and the cessation of the dismantling fee for glass and large plastic parts. Both changes will be introduced on 1 August.

As in previous years, this year once again ARN organised regional meetings to inform car dismantling companies about important developments. Unlike in previous years, however, this year not 4 but 6 meetings were organised in Breda, Cuijk, Haarlem, Assen, De Bilt and Harderwijk, successively. The fact that ARN organised 2 additional information meetings this year is due to the importance of the changes to be introduced by ARN on 1 August: namely halting the dismantling fee for glass and large plastic parts and the transition from kilos to quality. These subjects drew much interest from the car dismantling companies, as revealed by the large number of questions posed during the meetings. To provide a clear answer to those questions ARN will be distributing an extensive FAQ list, with questions taken down during the regional meetings in the near future.

Follow-up discussions

“We have observed considerable uncertainty among car dismantling companies about the imminent changes. Many companies for example do not know what action to take if the shredder companies refuse to accept end-of-life vehicles with glass and large plastic parts,” explained Aarnout van Duuren, manager at ARN Auto Recycling. “Against that background, it is a good thing that a large number of individual follow-up meetings are already planned to once again explain the changes to those businesses. The car dismantling companies affiliated to ARN can request such an explanation meeting via arn1.wpengine.com/gesprek, to have a second opportunity to put their questions to us. We will answer those questions to the best of our ability. We realise that the changes will have a major impact on the operation of the car dismantling vehicles. All the changes are due to be introduced on 1 August. Although the system will be changing, the requirements we impose on the materials remain the same; that is one source of concern we wish to remove. As a consequence, during the initial period, the account teams at ARN will be able to provide plenty of support. With the assistance of ARN we as a sector will then be able to structurally become accustomed to the new work approach.”

Shredder companies and interim traders

For the shredder companies affiliated to ARN too, a great deal is set to change when ARN stops making the dismantling fee for glass and large plastic parts, starting on 1 August. It will then be up to the shredder companies themselves to decide whether or not they wish to accept end-of-life vehicles containing these materials. Shredder companies that have no objection will make this fact known in a management statement. The management statement is a document in which the shredder company and/or interim traders undertake to ensure that the material recycling for glass and large plastic parts removed from the cars will be correctly handled. This is something the companies can either do themselves, or they must ensure that the materials end up in a post-shredder separation process. For car dismantling companies, this statement is essential in order to be able to demonstrate to the supervisory body that material recycling at the end of the chain is still guaranteed. “A number of shredder companies have already announced that they will simply continue to accept cars with glass and large plastic parts, at which point they will take responsibility for further processing; a number of other companies, however, still have an application in the pipeline,” continued Aarnout van Duuren. “There are also shredder companies that have already announced that they will not accept cars containing these materials. For car dismantling companies that cooperate with these shredder businesses, we at ARN will be working on finding a solution. One possibility is to provide them with packaging for the collection of glass and bumpers, but it is also possible to turn to an interim trader who is willing to accept the materials. In that case, too, a management statement is still required. We at ARN are currently hard at work establishing contracts with some 30 interim traders. By granting official status to these players, we will establish further clarity in the sector and gain a greater insight into leakage flows.”

From kilos to quality

The central element in the transition ‘from kilos to quality’ is the dismantling premium that will be charged differently, from 1 August. With this change, ARN will be making a start on the process of rewarding car companies for the quality of their work, and not for the weight of the end-of-life vehicles they supply. Partly against that background, the dismantling premium starting on 1 August has been set at € 30. This consists of € 20 for each end-of-life vehicle delivered ‘ARN clean’ to the affiliated shredder companies, and a variable amount of € 10 that is based on the quality of the materials removed. “These changes are essential in order to further improve the quality level within the recycling chain. They also tie in with the further professionalization of our sector,” concluded Van Duuren. Precisely what form these changes will take will be fully clarified in the adjusted WegWijzer (RoadMap) soon to be delivered to the car dismantling companies.

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