ARN Recycling Services to enter into a joint venture with Kroon-Oil

ARN Recycling Services to enter into a joint venture with Kroon-Oil

Kroon-Oil has developed an Environmental Care Plan (‘Milieu Zorgplan’) in collaboration with ARN Recycling Services (ARN RS). This joint venture between Kroon-Oil and ARN RS will ensure the acquisition of knowledge and expertise in waste disposal and the environmentally responsible, efficient processing of waste. Kroon-Oil will launch the Environmental Care Plan at the AutovakRAI 2011 (28 - 31 March) in Amsterdam.

Environmental Care Plan for all industrial waste

Every day, the mobility industry has to deal with enormous quantities of waste and also with strict environmental regulations. Every sort of waste requires specific storage, transport and processing. Good waste management ensures minimal damage to the environment and is also cost-effective. ARN RS and Kroon-Oil will organise the collection and processing of waste streams for Kroon-Oil customers. Companies that opt for the Kroon-Oil Environmental Care Plan can be confident that they are satisfying the legal requirements for waste disposal and can be certain that all the waste materials collected by ARN RS will be processed sustainably.

Financially attractive

The Environmental Care Plan will take over the entire organisation of waste disposal from Kroon-Oil customers. In so doing, Kroon-Oil is enabling its customers to do business more easily and in a more financially attractive way. Used oil is profitable these days, and customers can also benefit from attractive discounts on other waste flows. The Environmental Care Plan is environmentally friendly, profitable, cost-effective, well-considered, easy and time-saving. All the information about the Environmental Care Plan can be found on the website www.milieuzorgplan.com from 14 March.


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