ARN Recycling accredited as official work placement company

ARN Recycling accredited as official work placement company

Following an extensive audit, ARN Recycling has been accredited by the PMLF centre of excellence as an official work placement company. As a link between business and industry, educational institutions and government, the PMLF contributes to ensuring the availability of sufficient qualified personnel in the sectors Process and General operational technology, Environmental technology, Media and Laboratory technology.

Now that the new installation in Tiel is practically fully operational, it is becoming ever clearer that it is a fairly complex processing line. The installation comprises more than one hundred machines, each with their own function in the separation of shredder residue into usable fractions. Because of this complexity, well-trained employees are of key importance for ARN Recycling. To maintain the level of knowledge among employees now and in the future, ARN Recycling has entered into a collaborative venture with the PMLF, the centre of excellence for the sectors Process and General operational technology, Environmental technology, Media and Laboratory technology. Following a thorough audit of the business processes by the PMLF, ARN Recycling was for the first time accredited as an official work placement company this month.

Sufficiently challenging

“This is an accreditation of which we are duly proud,” explained Hans van de Greef, director of ARN Recycling. “It means that our process technology and our laboratory are sufficiently innovative and attractive to offer trainees a valuable challenge. The starting principle is after all that anyone undertaking a work placement traineeship at ARN Recycling will actually learn valuable skills.”


One element of the procedure was a visit and a tour of the company by a consultant from the PMLF. “We started in the laboratory where a number of ultramodern analysis techniques are employed, combined with extensive sample pre-treatment. Here, trainees are introduced to work in practice, and learn the difference between carrying out tests at school and carrying out a quality analysis under pressure of time. The first tour was an immediate success, securing ARN’s first accreditation as a work placement company.

Process technology

The next stage of the audit involved process technology, an element of particular interest to ARN because we aim to offer internal training to employees for the so-called VAPRO courses. One favourable outcome was that although the consultant from the PMLF was initially sceptical, doubting whether our company could be suitable for anything more than basic training, following discussions and an extensive tour, he had no further reservations whatsoever. The consultant from the PMLF immediately identified us as a work placement company that would certainly be capable of offering training programmes for levels 1,2 and 3. Once sound agreements have been reached, even level 4 should be achievable.”

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