ARN organises coffee session to meet neighbours at Automotive Campus

ARN organises coffee session to meet neighbours at Automotive Campus

On Tuesday 10 May, ARN organised an informal get together with its new neighbours at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. While drinking a cup of Italian coffee, the group of around fifty neighbours introduced themselves. ARN, the recycling expert in the mobility sector, has opened a location on the campus with the aim of sharing more knowledge and experience about recycling and raw materials.

Why has ARN opened a location on the Automotive Campus?

Our mission is to share our knowledge and experience inside and outside the mobility sector. The only way to multiply that knowledge is to share it. We should already be starting to think about recycling when designing the production process for a car. What can we expect when processing end-of-life vehicles 15 or 20 years from now, and what materials will in fact be reusable? The advisers from ARN, with expertise in a variety of fields including waste and recycling, reuse, waste management and the smart use of raw materials in the supply chain, wish to share their knowledge and experience with others on the Campus. Over the next few years, we will be continuing this process of further developing ARN as a centre of expertise. At the end of the day, car recycling is a shared responsibility!



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