ARN to develop interregional action plan for S_LIFE project

ARN to develop interregional action plan for S_LIFE project

Since the start of 2012, ARN has been part of the S_LIFE project. This initiative brings together various European regional cluster organisations for the development of joint projects. The aim of these projects is to achieve greater efficiency in the use of materials during the automotive lifecycle. ARN recently concluded its work package, resulting in the establishment of an extensive joint action plan.

In this action plan, drawn up under the leadership of ARN, the regional research ambitions were turned into a range of specific actions. In the remainder of the S_Life project, these actions will be further developed (through to the end of 2014) and subsequently rolled out. The action plan consists of 15 initiatives, namely 5 market-support projects aimed at knowledge exchange and networking and 10 processes focusing on scientific research.

About S_LIFE

The S_LIFE project, subsidised by European funds, encourages regional cluster organisations – including ARN – in Europe to collaborate intensively with one another. The aim of this cooperation is to ensure the joint development of scientific and economic solutions that increase the sustainability of the automotive sector. By establishing subprojects, S_LIFE aims to improve the efficiency of use of materials, and to develop new knowledge on this issue. Another important criterion for the subprojects is that they promote cooperation between public and private parties. A joint action plan has now been formulated for the 15 joint projects.

Cooperation: Joint Action Plan

The actions formulated in the Joint Action Plan are aimed at promoting the reuse of parts, the recycling of difficult to separate substances and analysis of regulations and processing routes. For the rest of the S_LIFE project, the consortium partners have shared out the further development of the various actions. The following actions are the responsibility of ARN: Regional programmes for retail to promote the reuse of parts and efficient raw material management (1.4); Product development for raw materials from automotive shredder waste (2.2); Analysis of European vehicle registration systems and high-voltage batteries (2.5); Development and implementation of a European teaching programme for the dismantling of high-voltage batteries (2.9). The 15 initiatives will be established by the S_LIFE partners, and executed by regional stakeholders. There is also room for the submission of new research ideas. Read the Joint Action Plan here.


To support the Joint Action Plan, ARN was also responsible for developing a Vision Document and European Research Agenda. The future objectives were formulated in the Vision, while the Research Agenda provides the relevant scientific components; both aim to help achieve these objectives. For more information about the actions to be undertaken or about S_LIFE in general, please contact project leader Gert-Jan van der Have.


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