ARN launches system for reporting on unfair competition

ARN launches system for reporting on unfair competition

Unfair competition is a persistent phenomenon in the everyday practice of car dismantling and recycling. In consultation with the Government Road Transport Agency (RDW), the Foundation for Tackling Vehicle Crime (AVc), the National Information Centre on Vehicle Crime (LIV) and the regional implementation services and environmental services, ARN has responded with an initiative to establish an efficient and transparent system for reporting unfair competition.

Since 31 January, abuse can be reported via http://arn1.wpengine.com/melding-oneerlijke-concurrentie. ARN then ensures that the report is passed on to the relevant body, which in turn takes the necessary action. This represents an important step towards creating a level playing field.

Estimates suggest that each year between 30,000 and 40,000 vehicles are unlawfully registered for export in the Netherlands, while the parts are in fact illegally dismantled and sold without ever leaving the country. Around half of all stolen cars – each year some 5,000 – are dismantled into their component parts and sold. All in all a serious problem. Aarnout van Duuren, manager at ARN Autorecycling explained, “These practices have very negative consequences. They lead to unfair competition. Malafide car dismantling companies after all incur very low costs for dismantling cars, placing the bonafide companies automatically at a disadvantage. Officially approved companies invest in their business processes, are required to apply for licences and ensure the safe disposal of waste materials. Furthermore, such malafide activities cause harm to the environment; there are no controls to ensure the responsible disposal of waste materials and end-of-life vehicles.”

Together with its partners, ARN is actively working to tackle these illegal activities in the sector. The new reporting system represents an important step; it guarantees the efficient and complete processing of reports about unfair competition, and ensures transparent communication about the way in which reports are dealt with. Van Duuren continued, “The system offers a clear platform via which car dismantling companies can confidentially report their suspicions of unlawful practices. These reports are submitted to a permanent point of contact, before being passed on to the competent authorities anonymously. It is of course still possible to pass on reports to the field service staff of ARN. They then process the reports themselves in the system.”

Van Duuren is delighted with the close collaboration with the various partners, and expects a great deal from the new system. “We will be able to focus even more clearly on tackling unfair competition. This is an important spearhead for meeting the needs of the dismantling companies affiliated to ARN, who do play fair. Bring on the level playing field.”

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