ARN launches a completely new corporate website

ARN launches a completely new corporate website

As of today, ARN’s new corporate website is online. The new site strengthens the position of ARN as a knowledge centre in the areas of sustainability and recycling within the mobility sector. Moreover, the new site is now simpler and clearer than it previously was.

The layout of the website has been completely adjusted and is now set up for the diverse target groups that ARN wants to reach: consumers, car (dismantling) companies and companies interested in recycling. In addition, there is more attention to the intensive recycling process by which, at the end of its lifetime, a car is almost completely – for more than 96% – processed into valuable raw materials. ARN supports this process by knowledge exchange, chain management, recycling and innovation, thus making a major, active contribution to the circular economy.

Products and services

On the website is a clear description of how, since ARN was founded in 1995, it has grown from an initiative to meet a legally imposed goal into an organization with its very own view of the environment and recycling. Working from this point of view, ARN now offers a series of products and services that are important for diverse parties in the Dutch mobility sector. Garages, for example, can find information on the new website about the possibilities of processing batteries and garage waste material; there is also information about training programmes and the Certified Sustainable programme.

Extensive dossiers

ARN’s site also has space for a diversity of news, factsheets, videos and other sorts of information on recycling topics. This information has been clearly grouped into Dossiers with such topics as the PST factory, Life+, Recycling technology and Certified Sustainable.

Raw materials and materials

In conclusion, the site also gives answers to questions about the usefulness and the need for recycling. The results booked by ARN in this area can be found in the section Raw materials and materials, where there is a description of how ARN processes shredder waste in the PST factory and separates it into mineral fractions, metals, synthetic materials and fibres. ARN then searches for practical uses for these valuable raw materials, such as the successful examples of BlueRoots and Crusca.

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