ARN in European project for making automotive materials sustainable

ARN in European project for making automotive materials sustainable

ARN is participating in the new regional collaboration project S_Life. The aim of this prestigious project is to make material use for modern cars sustainable at a European level. ARN represents the last phase in the material cycle: recycling and valorization.

The three-year S_Life project (the ‘S’ stands for ‘Sustainable’) was initiated by regions that are at the heart of the European automotive industry: the German clusters Bayern Innovativ and RKW Baden-Württemberg, the French Pôle Véhicule du Futur, the Italian cluster CEIPIEMONTE, ARN, the Slovenian cluster ACS and the Belgian Interface Europe. These organizations are charting existing European research within industry, science and government and formulating focused innovation actions for the entire material chain. S_Life characterizes four main phases in the material cycle: raw material management, production phases, actors in the life phase, and recycling and valorization. ARN represents the last stage within the consortium.


S_Life is developing strategies and a common plan of action to mobilize, link and coordinate regional resources. The consortium is devising instruments to identify regional research potential, to share and distribute best practices via interregional collaborative programmes, and to come up with proposals for suitable financial support.

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