ARN and RAI Association extend contract by five years

ARN and RAI Association extend contract by five years

Arie de Jong, Director of ARN said of the renewed collaboration, “We are particularly proud of our cooperation with the RAI Association. The extension of this collaboration is valuable evidence for ARN that past performance has generated sufficient confidence to continue cooperation in the future.”

On behalf of the Dutch automotive industry, ARN implements the manufacturers’ responsibility for end-of-life vehicles. ARN fulfils this responsibility through the high-quality processing of 95% of end-of-life vehicles, returning them to the raw materials cycle. By sharing its knowledge, ARN helps encourage the automotive sector to become even more sustainable. As De Jong explained, “We are aware that we must be cautious with raw materials, and as far as possible return them to the supply chain. We do this by taking control of the car recycling chain and by collaborating closely with car dismantling companies, shredders, collectors and processors.”

Increased sustainability in the automotive sector

Olaf de Bruijn, Director of the RAI Association said of ARN, “The RAI Association and its members themselves focus considerable attention on increasing the sustainability of the mobility sector. The added value of ARN for us is that ARN is far more than an implementing body. ARN is a knowledge institute that makes a very important contribution to increasing the sustainability of the sector.”

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