ARN Auto Recycling launches extranet

ARN Auto Recycling launches extranet

On 1 January 2011, ARN Auto Recycling launched its extranet. Car dismantling firms which are linked in to this extranet can submit digital notification of dismantled ARN materials.


The extranet has been developed by ARN Auto Recycling in order to reduce the administrative burden on companies. The car dismantling firms report the materials to be disposed of online. Following notification, the collectors automatically receive an email message. Based on these reports, the collection firms plan their collection route.

Direct monitoring

When the materials have been collected, the quantities are entered in the ARN extranet. The car dismantling firm is notified by email that the data have been entered. In this way, the data can be directly checked by all participants.

Further explanation

In the first three weeks of January, 83 firms (33.6%) registered their shipments using ARN extranet and approximately 70% of the firms logged onto the extranet. The responses of the car dismantling companies have been enthusiastic. The firms are seeing their administrative burdens ease substantially. In the first weeks of February, ARN Auto Recycling will hold regional meetings to explain the use of the ARN extranet.


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