ARN and RDW due to collaborate closely on new technology in vehicles

ARN and RDW due to collaborate closely on new technology in vehicles

ARN and the RDW (Government Road Transport Agency) have for years been working closely together on the deregistration of end-of-life vehicles in the Netherlands. The arrival of new technology, such as electrical vehicles, now calls for a more specific approach when it comes to deregistration. In addition to the traditional details required for vehicle registration, it is now also necessary, among other things, to record the battery type present in the car. The dismantling company can use this information to deal with the car safely and in the correct manner.

The dismantling of electrical vehicles calls for a different approach than the method employed to date for combustion engines. There is a huge variety of battery types, which call for different dismantling and storage methods. The RDW, the organisation also responsible for the registration and deregistration processes of electrical cars, is collaborating closely with ARN on a procedure that will improve information to dismantling companies on the type of battery in the vehicle. In the future, this means that dismantling companies will be aware of the approach to be followed, depending on the vehicle registration.

The information and knowledge established in this way by ARN and the RDW can also be actively shared with other EU Member States. In the future, both parties intend to jointly disseminate this knowledge.

The number of registered electrical vehicles has been rising considerably over the past few months. At the start of April, some 534 100%-electrical vehicles were registered. And each vehicle that is registered, will eventually have to be dismantled.

Throughout the world, the Dutch dismantling process is often referred to as “best practice”. Thanks to the information exchange between ARN and the RDW, sound controls are possible on “what is present in the vehicle and what has to be removed”. Many of the requirements are a consequence of European legislation and regulations. A study by the European Commission recently made it clear that many Member States are still falling short when it comes to reporting on vehicle dismantling.

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