ARN Advisory closely involved in innovative Safebat project

ARN Advisory closely involved in innovative Safebat project

The rapid introduction of electric vehicles has spawned a new technology for which knowledge exchange is essential. Currently, little or no knowledge is shared.

Safebat project In order to encourage knowledge exchange, in December 2010 the Safebat project was launched. The goal of the Safebat project is to develop safe electrical batteries and to build in consideration for the product’s end-of-life and recycling in the design stage.


The design guidelines are another topic which the project’s participants are focusing on. By drawing up design guidelines for small and medium-sized enterprises and industry, Safebat wants to promote the development of safe batteries in electric vehicles and shorten the current development pathways. The participants in the project are also looking at the product’s end-of-life phase. This involves developing and setting up a knowledge bank about battery ageing, a safe management structure for EV battery recycling, strategies and technologies for battery reuse and recycling.


The four research organisations KEMA, TNO Automotive, TTAI en TASS* are working together with the car industry to draw up the design guidelines. ARN Advisory, Rups*, KEMA and Technical University Delft are conducting the end-of-life research into the EV battery systems.


Alongside the knowledge institutes named above, numerous other large and small firms and organisations from the automotive sector are working together on the project. All participants in the project have theoretical and practical experience in the field of EV batteries and the associated components, electric vehicles, safety issues, battery and vehicle testing methods, reuse and recycling. The project is to a large extent being financed by AgentschapNL. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Allard Verburg.


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