Always wanted to see how shredder waste is processed?

Always wanted to see how shredder waste is processed?

Are you interested in a (company) visit to the PST plant? Then you are in luck! We will be delighted to show you how the incoming shredder waste is processed at ARN Recycling into the four raw material flows: plastics, fibres, minerals and metals.

The last valuable materials are recovered from shredder waste in the plant, which is crucial in order to fully achieve the legal objective. Thus the PST plant is making a considerable contribution to this in 2014 by separating about 40 percent of all shredder waste from cars. 56 percent of the remaining shredder waste is incinerated with energy recovery: just 4 percent maximum ends up in the landfill.

Different material flows

The plant runs on a three shift crew and takes in more than 835,000 kilos of shredder waste per week. The waste is separated by a large number of various machines and separation techniques into various materials, or fractions, which each has its own application. A weekly production of 835,000 kilos means that the employees in the PST plant recycle about 43,000 tonnes of waste per year. This yields an enormous amount of useful materials:

10,000 tons of plastics
10,000 tons of fibers
10,000 tons of minerals
4,500 tons of dust
1,200 tons of iron
170,000 kilos of stainless steel (contaminated)
80,000 kilos of aluminium
170,000 kilos of fractions rich in copper

The shredder companies associated with ARN recover about 40,000 tonnes of shredder waste per year. However, the total capacity of the PST plant exceeds this amount. Therefore ARN can also process other material flows in order to utilise the plant’s capacity to as great an extent as possible.

Visit the PST plant

To arrange a visit, please contact us via the contact form. You can join us on the 11th of June, from 10:30 – 12:00, or the 12th of November, from 14:00 – 15:30.

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