1,000 Certified Sustainable certificates awarded

1,000 Certified Sustainable certificates awarded

The Institute for Sustainable Mobility (IvDM) has awarded 1,000 companies Certified Sustainable status. This marks a milestone in the industry-wide Certified Sustainable programme developed by BOVAG, the RAI Association, the FOCWA Damage Repair Association and STIBA.

The programme is available for car dealers, independent car sales companies, truck dealers, truck and trailer sales companies, car wash companies, car repair and servicing workshops. Companies that are certified comply with the latest guidelines on business operations, environmental and energy policy, HR policy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in respect of the local community.

“Since awarding the first certificate in 2009, corporate social responsibility has really taken off in the mobility sector. First the sustainability spotlight shone on the vehicles in the showroom: now participating companies’ business operations as a whole are being made ever more sustainable,” says Jos van den Broek, General Manager ARN Sustainability and responsible for the Certified Sustainable programme. “Our programme is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs looking to work actively on CSR and sustainability. It enables them to profile themselves and helps their organisation to save money and control costs.” Both the public and the private sector regard Certified Sustainable as the leading assessment framework for CSR. In the meantime, Certified Sustainable has developed so far that it is available for a wide range of companies. In addition, overlap with other certifications like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 has been identified, which has been translated into exemptions and discounts. The certificate is valid for one year, after which the company must be reassessed. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to take a step further with CSR every year over a number of years.


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