[title title=”PST plant” src=”“http://www.youtube.com/embed/eW0jUFRrj3o“” height=”350″ width=”425″ buttontekst=”PST plant” buttonlink=”http://arn1.wpengine.com/en/raw-materials-applications/PST-plant/” tekst=”ARN recovers the last valuable materials from the shredder waste from end-of-life vehicles in the PST plant in Tiel. The plant currently processes about 40,000 tonnes of shredder waste per year.”]
[title title=”Raw materials”]
[imagecolumn title=”Metals” image=”699″ buttonlink=”http://arn1.wpengine.com/en/raw-materials-applications/raw-materials#Metals”]
[imagecolumn title=”Plastics” image=”698″ buttonlink=”http://arn1.wpengine.com/en/raw-materials-applications/raw-materials#Plastics”]
[imagecolumn title=”Minerals” image=”696″ buttonlink=”http://arn1.wpengine.com/en/raw-materials-applications/raw-materials#Minerals”]
[imagecolumn title=”Fibres” image=”697″ buttonlink=”http://arn1.wpengine.com/en/raw-materials-applications/raw-materials#Fibres”]
[title title=”Applications” tekst=”ARN is always searching for new useful applications for materials produced in the PST plant. To do so, ARN is carrying out intensive research, often in close cooperation with other developers and recycling companies.”][imagerow title=”BlueRoots” tekst=”ARN developed BlueRoots in a joint venture with NPSP; this product is suitable for making street nameplates and street furniture, among other things.” buttontekst=”More about BlueRoots” buttonlink=”http://arn1.wpengine.com/en/raw-materials-applications/blueroots/” align=”left” image=”1495″][imagerow title=”Sheet material” tekst=”Sheet material is a promising new product suitable for sheeting to be used in construction.” buttontekst=”More about sheet material” buttonlink=”http://arn1.wpengine.com/en/raw-materials-applications/crusca/” align=”right” image=”1496″]

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