• Life+ and ARN

    Life+ is a European Union subsidy programme intended for the development and implementation of the European nature and environment policy. ARN received a Life+ subsidy in 2011.

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[title title=”Life+” tekst=”Since the launch of the LIFE programme by the European Commission in 1992, a total of 157 projects have been financed in the Netherlands. Of these, 126 focus on environmental innovation and 31 on nature conservation. These projects represent a total investment of €426 million, of which €106 million has been contributed by the European Union.” buttontekst=”To the official Life + website” buttonlink=”http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life/index.htm”]
[imagecolumn title=”The three pillars of Life+” buttontekst=”Read more” image=”2336″ tekst=”The Life+ subsidy that ARN received comes under Environment Policy & Governance, one of the three pillars of the Life+ programme.” buttonlink=”http://arn1.wpengine.com/en/lifeplus/the-three-pillars-of-life/”]
[imagecolumn title=”Research and optimisation” buttontekst=”Read more” image=”2340″ tekst=”ARN has devoted part of the LIFE+ subsidy to improving the processing line in the PST plant, resulting in a better recycling performance. Another part has been spent on research into new sales channels for the raw materials reclaimed in the plant.” buttonlink=”http://arn1.wpengine.com/en/lifeplus/research-and-optimisation/”]
[imagecolumn title=”About the PST plant” buttontekst=”Read more” image=”2338″ tekst=”Since it was opened in 2011, the PST plant in Tiel has been making a major contribution to the total recycling performance of the Dutch mobility sector. The EU target of 85% re-use and 10% useful application has now been achieved.” buttonlink=”http://arn1.wpengine.com/en/lifeplus/about-the-pst-plant/”]

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