Technical optimisation thanks to LIFE+

    [imagecolumn]Over the past few years, ARN has implemented technical optimisations in the entire production line at the PST plant, in a series of stages. To make this possible, we carried out numerous trials and tests at suppliers of separation installations in the Netherlands and beyond. We were able to finance the optimisation process thanks to the LIFE+ subsidy.

    Key changes to the production line:

    • Changes to the infeed system. As a result, the entire production line creates a constant flow of shredder waste, increasing the volume of processed material.
    • New plastic separation pump. The new pump is less susceptible to breakdowns.
    • Changes to measurement systems. As a result, materials of non-constant composition can be measured more accurately.
    • Optimised water management. The float-sink technique in the plastic module was optimised by adding a new sieving unit capable of removing fibre residues.
    • Additional separation installations. The new installations ensure improved separation of fibres from the mineral flow.
    • More wear-resistant materials. We installed more wear-resistant materials in the production line, thereby cutting back downtimes.
    • Additional installations for removal of wood and rubber. Thanks to innovative techniques such as a screw sieve, tumbler sieve and shaker machine, we can now remove wood and rubber from the plastic fractions. This helps reduce the loss of good-quality plastic fractions.
    • Recovery installation. The installation recovers metals from the plastic fraction, thereby improving the economic performance of the PST plant as a whole.