Responsible waste management at BMW dealership Jer. de Fonkert

Responsible waste management at BMW dealership Jer. de Fonkert

A number of years ago, BMW dealership Jer. de Fonkert took the conscious decision to participate in ARN’s Waste Management programme. As a result, the Numansdorp-based company is certain that all waste flows are processed in the most efficient and environmentally-responsible manner possible.

Excellent customer service

For BMW enthusiasts, the dealership Jer. de Fonkert has been the number one address in the Numansdorp region in Zuid-Holland, for more than fifty years. As may be expected from a representative of this German premium marque, the cornerstones of customer policy at the dealership are expert advice and perfect customer service. The staff in turn expect a similar personal approach from their suppliers.

Perfect processing

It was on the basis of that philosophy that 4 years ago, Jer. de Fonkert joined forces with ARN, the organisation whose Waste Management programme guarantees the perfect processing of all the waste generated in the company’s workshop and offices. “A huge improvement on the previous situation,” commented workshop chief Theo van Rossum. “In the past, we worked with a group of partners each of whom would collect an individual component of the overall waste flow. Now that everything is in the hands of one party, all it takes is a single phone call or message via the website to have for example the full battery container or used oil collection drum emptied. In addition, all residual (non-labelled) waste and paper/cardboard are collected every week, without us having to take any further action.”

Strictly separated

Since the start of cooperation with ARN, many staff at Jer. de Fonkert have become more aware of the importance of waste separation. Whereas in the past certain materials would end up in the ordinary waste bin, all the major waste flows are now strictly separated. “It requires a little more effort, but we feel it is worthwhile to go the extra mile. At the same time, by working with a single partner, we also manage to save money. All in all, the ideal solution,” continued Van Rossum.

Logical step following Certified Sustainability certificate

In 2011, BMW dealership Jer. De Fonkert was awarded Certified Sustainability status thereby demonstrating the important role played by sustainability in the overall running of the business. It also reflects the efforts of the company to encourage sustainable forms of mobility, for example by actively promoting the cleanest and most fuel-efficient BMW models. For these same reasons it was the next logical step to install energy-efficient LED lighting in the recently-commissioned, new showroom and workshop. “That is also why we recognise the importance of the responsible collection and processing of such items as tyres, batteries and used oil and brake fluids.” Theo van Rossum concluded, “With ARN as our partner, we are at least certain that that requirement is fully met.”

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