Honda dealership Autobedrijf Jan van Dijk makes profit from waste

Honda dealership Autobedrijf Jan van Dijk makes profit from waste

With its Waste Management Service, ARN offers a smart, environmentally-aware solution for the processing of waste flows at car dealerships. Autobedrijf Jan van Dijk based in Brielle has made use of this service for many years, to its complete satisfaction.

A deal is a deal

For Honda drivers in the Brielle region, Autobedrijf Jan van Dijk has been the go-to address for more than 30 years. Thanks to its focus on quality and service, the dealership has built up a large and loyal customer base. No appointment is necessary for a service inspection or repair, and a replacement vehicle is always available. Since the company was founded, the dealer has relied on one clear credo for business success, namely: a deal is a deal.

Service and reliability

Maintenance work on the customers’ cars means that on a daily basis, Honda dealer Autobedrijf Jan van Dijk generates a considerable volume of waste, ranging from fluids in the form of used oil, coolants and brake fluid through to oil filters, broken batteries and worn tyres. All these waste flows are carefully separated, and stored in the specified manner. ARN in turn is responsible for the timely collection and disposal of these waste flows. “We demand the same level of service and reliability from our suppliers and other collaboration partners as we ourselves provide. In that respect, we are more than satisfied with ARN,” explained After Sales Manager Dick de Leeuw.

Perfect arrangement

It is almost five years since Honda dealership Autobedrijf Jan van Dijk first called in the expertise of ARN for the processing of its waste flows. This brought to an end a long period in which the company worked together with 4 different waste collection companies. “The fact that we now only have 1 contact person makes life much easier for us. It saves us a great deal of time, and keeps the process transparent. At the same time, everything is perfectly recorded so that in the event of an inspection, we are quickly able to demonstrate that we have our waste disposal well in hand. Cooperation with ARN means that waste processing is perfectly arranged,” continued De Leeuw.

Financial savings

To improve the working atmosphere, the mechanics in the workshop all have access to the ideal containers and storage reservoirs for all individual waste flows. Even paper and other office waste is correctly processed. “If one of the containers or storage reservoirs is full, a single telephone call or e-mail message to ARN is enough to have the materials in question collected and disposed of, and when the battery tray or tyre containers are emptied, the driver makes certain to also check the levels in the fluid reservoirs. A far more efficient approach,” explained De Leeuw. “On top of the efficiency savings, cooperation with ARN has also generated considerable financial savings. Whereas in the past we often had to pay for the processing of certain waste flows, we now receive a payment for our waste materials. Spread out over the year, the saving easily amounts to several hundred euros, and that in turn for little or no effort on our part.”


For more information about the ARN waste concept, please contact our account managers Steven van den Belt or Niels Schouten.

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