Certified Sustainable in practice: ‘It is really all about people’

Certified Sustainable in practice: ‘It is really all about people’

“In our opinion, when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, it is really all about people,” explained Kees Schaaps, Deputy Director at Henk Scholten Volvo. “That realisation has been the foundation stone for our success since we started in 1981.”

“When they come to us, customers, suppliers, employees and other business relations all receive a great deal of attention.” As well as locations in Arnhem, Nijmegen, Culemborg, Ede and Tiel, the group of dealerships also has a damage repair service. “Here, for example, we focus heavily on ensuring a pleasant atmosphere for our customers, and a healthy and safe working environment for our staff.” The group of dealerships also supports a whole raft of healthy and social activities, such as cycling events and youth tournaments for hockey teams. These activities help fulfil the objectives of the communication theme selected each year. The theme for this year is: ‘Enjoy the feel-good experience at Henk Scholten Volvo.’

According to Schaaps, the Certified Sustainable qualification awarded in January of this year is above all a confirmation of the CSR policy operated by the company. “For us, it was already common sense to carpool whenever possible, to carefully separate waste flows, and to switch off the light when we left a particular room.” The certificate also emphasises the clear match between CSR and a marque like Volvo. The importer, with whom Henk Scholten has enjoyed a long-term relationship for many years, pointed out the IvDM programme to the group of dealerships. Traditionally, Volvo has a reputation for safety, but with the advent of models like the hybrid V60 PHEV, the marque is now becoming increasingly associated with sustainability. “Nonetheless,” suggested Schaaps, “in terms of both safety and sustainability, the central point of focus remains the people.”

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