Certified Sustainable in practice at Loogman Groep

Certified Sustainable in practice at Loogman Groep

“Young people are becoming highly involved in and aware of such themes as sustainability and health,” commented Ger Loogman, director of the Loogman Groep. “Even if only to tie in with that target group, it is essential that our business continues to focus attention on these aspects.”

In 1964, father Loogman started selling ‘normal petrol’ via a white pump, a logical expansion to his already-established oil business. Today, the Loogman Groep consists of seven car washes, a petrol station, a wholesale outlet for car wash products, two self-storage locations, a golf course and a restaurant. In total, the group employs 225 people. “The growth of our business enables us to continuously improve our professional performance and overall organisation. Almost automatically those improvements include sustainability measures. The Certified Sustainable scan made us aware of the areas in which we could still dot the i’s.” From there it was just a small step to certification.

An excellent example of the sustainable approach of Loogman is the careful manner in which the car washes use water. “You need between 150 and 200 litres of water to wash a car thoroughly. Now we are able to reuse the majority of that water. Our internal technical department had developed its own purification process over the years, by combining our experiences and those of others with the knowledge provided by a German supplier of organic car wash products.” For the rest, sustainability is a question of common sense and business economics, according to Loogman. “We do not use any heating installation in the car wash itself, because the water we use is always heated to at least ten degrees and therefore gives off heat in cold conditions. In Aalsmeer, we in fact use a heat exchanger to cool the premises. We are now looking into the possibility of installing solar cells. In various ways we are continuously making our business more sustainable, but in a financially-responsible manner. That is both our challenge and responsibility for the future.”

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