Expanding capacity

Expanding capacity

All last year we worked hard at the PST plant expanding production capacity; and with considerable success. In total, we processed 40,000 tonnes of shredder waste in 2015; 10 percent more than in the previous year.

More space for plastic

At the PST plant, we can look back on an eventful year, in which we once again succeeded in expanding our production capacity. By making a change to the process for handling plastic, we can now process an additional 150 tonnes of plastic, every week. As a result, our total weekly capacity for ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue) and plastic has risen to between 950 and 1000 tonnes. For a number of reasons, that additional capacity has proven extremely useful. Firstly, it gives us more freedom to carry out preventive maintenance in a structured approach which in turn will further boost productivity at the plant.

Suppliers from outside the sector

Furthermore, we are now also in a position to process waste from suppliers from outside the automotive sector. We are for example currently carrying out tests on the residual plastic flows from municipal recycling facilities. It is a positive development that suppliers from outside the sector have started to knock on the door at ARN Recycling. It is further evidence that the market has itself decided to go in search of other, cheaper solutions, in response to the higher incineration charges. This development will have a positive effect on the environment, since it means that more material will be reused. Also for ARN Recycling, it is an important step towards further increasing the profitability of the PST plant.

Metals from the mineral fraction

Earlier this year we also commissioned a new metal recovery line that helps us recover valuable metals, including copper and stainless steel, from a waste flow consisting primarily of plastic. We plan to do the same for the coarse mineral fraction, which also contains amounts of metal that are well worth recovering. An additional advantage is that removing the metal makes this mineral fraction suitable for use in road building as opposed to dumping in landfill sites, which was previously the only option.

ISO 9001

Another key development is that the PST plant was recently certified according to the ISO 9001 standard, following on from the ISO 14001 certification obtained in 2014. This achievement shows that our organisation is not standing still and is constantly working to further improve our processes and our efficiency. On that note, we expect to once again achieve higher annual production, in 2016. This year, we processed a total of 40,000 tonnes of shredder waste at the PST plant. Although that was already more than last year, we still see plenty of opportunity for further expansion, in the future.

By: Hans van de Greef


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